Smart Music Insights

We receive a lot of feedback from people wanting new ways to inspire learning in their communities - teachers and youth leaders asking how they can use our music in their learning environments, parents wanting some new ways to educate at home, and community leaders looking to reinforce the value of an education in their communities. We enjoy this dialogue with you as it reminds us of the importance of the work that we are all doing to create a hunger for knowledge, and to seek out innovative ways to feed it. This is one of the cornerstones of Smart Music Entertainment.

To keep the dialogue going, we  launched SMART MUSIC INSIGHTS, a series of valuable insights that will help you think through the challenges you may be facing in educating our youth, or in encouraging the people in your village to value knowledge. Email us to receive our SMART MUSIC INSIGHTS eNewsletter, and get alerted when a new insight is available.

Past Issues

                                     June 2014                                July 2014                                  August 2014