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Smart Music Entertainment creates educational Hiphop music that uniquely inspires people of all ages. We uncover topics that are rarely discussed, and deliver "lessons" in the form of clever, thought-provoking, well-produced Hiphop songs. We travel the country sharing our educational Hiphop music. Consider us for your adult, family, youth, or college event, including:

Festivals & Special Events 
Audience: Adults and/or Families
If you are looking for soulful, Hiphop sounds for a gathering of music lovers, we offer soul-stirring musical sets. We have performed at events such as Tampa Bay Black Heritage Festival, Harvard Music Festival, Delaware AFRAM Festival, American Cancer Society Fundraisers, New Haven Hiphop Conference, African-American Cultural Festival of Raleigh & Wake County (where 40,000 people where in attendance), and more!

Click the images below to see brief clips of our performances.

VIDEO: 2014 Raleigh Festival
VIDEO: 2014 Delaware Festival
Youth Events 
(Summits/ Conferences/ Assemblies/ Special Events)
Audience: 6th - 12th grade students
We motivate, empower, and inspire youth as we speak to them through rhymes. We challenge their intellect on topics including history, money management, political science, current events, and more. Our music has the unique ability to reach the youth because it sounds like the music that they are listening to today ... but with a message.

Press play below to watch a clip of our recent performance at a Youth Summit. 
This clip was produced by the Triangle Tribune newspaper:

Click the images below to read newspaper articles about our inspirational youth events.

PHOTO: The Hiphop Educator inspiring
the youth at Atlanta's KIPP Vision Academy
VIDEOThe Hiphop Educator teaching
the youth why "Black Men Rock!"
NEWS ARTICLE: "Hiphop artists use
their talents to help educate."
NEWS ARTICLE: "Hiphop educator speaks
to youth through rhymes."

Audience: Graduate & Undergraduate Students
For college students looking to challenge their intellect on a range of current events, history, and empowerment topics, we offer a unique performance + discussion session.  See photos below of our performances at York College's 9th Annual Men's Conference, and the International Colloquium on Black Males in Education at Morehouse College.

International Colloquium on Black Males
in Education, Morehouse College
International Colloquium on Black Males
in Education, Morehouse College
9th Annual Men's Conference, York College
9th Annual Men's Conference, York College

For educators, parents, and youth program leaders looking for unique ways to motivate students, our experience can help you. Sign up to receive our monthly Smart Music Insights eNewsletter. Previous issues have covered topics such as bullying and the high school drop-out crisis. Email us to sign up today.

For leaders looking for a theme song for their next positive endeavor, we offer original song composition. Click here to listen to an original song that Larry "LAK" Henderson created for a Texas-based empowerment firm's "Black Men Rock" initiative.

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He Does His Homework.
He carefully researches every element of the topic that he's presenting, and brings the information together so that it's full of insights while being easily digestible.

He Has Experience.
He studied Communications, Africana Studies, and Labor Studies at Rutgers University (where he hosted his own radio show), and Studio Engineering at the Institute for Audio Research.

He Gets Results.
His album, Lesson One: Hip-Hop & Education, is an Amazon bestseller, reaching #1 in Hot New Releases and #8 in Educational Music. The album has received radio airplay around the world.

Read Larry "LAK" Henderson's Full Biography


"You really put together something that is very creative, innovative, and it's informative...We love the words that you have illustrated throughout your entire Lesson One."
- Dr. Alvin Jones, host of CBS Radio's "The Business of Wisdom"

"Go buy, purchase, download Lesson One: Hip-Hop & Education. You will not be disappointed...I am 100% a fan and I absolutely endorse this album."
- Sherryl Blu, radio host, BANG 103.6 FM, London, UK

"Not only is he a Hiphop educator, but he is brilliant with history!"
- Octavia Rainey, community activist and host of "On the Line" WSHA-FM 88.9 FM

"This is what we really need."
- Phil Jackson, host of Princeton University's SIDE B Radio